Drone Manufacturers Develop a Better Way to Shoot Selfies

Drones are a lot of fun to own, and not just because of how enjoyable it can be to fly them. The best drones also allow for types of photography that would simply not be possible by any other means.

In the past, this has mostly meant taking panoramic shots from relatively high up in the sky. More recently, manufacturers have started designing and offering drones that aim at enabling more intimate and personal types of photography. Foldable mini selfie drone products make it possible to snap memorable self-portraits in the most convenient possible fashion.

The Best Selfie Shooter of All

Just about everyone will by now have taken plenty of “selfie” photographs with a smartphone camera. While there are products, like so-called “selfie sticks,” that are designed to improve the quality and convenience of this type of photography, they all have their limits.

It turns out that drones make for an even better way to take the kinds of personal photos that so many are interested in. Instead of needing to fly high above the crowd below in order to take a wide-angle shot, a drone dedicated to this type of photography can just float slightly overhead.

That often ends up being the perfect vantage point from which to take the best possible selfie. Capable of delivering results that no phone can match, even with a selfie stick, a drone that is designed for this type of work can be a whole lot of fun to own.

Compact Convenience Makes for Everyday Usefulness

Of course, if a drone were overly difficult to carry around, it would become a lot less of an asset in this respect. As a result, drone manufacturers have been working hard to make their selfie-oriented products as easy to carry and use as possible.

One of the most interesting innovations in the field has been the appearance of camera-equipped drones that fold up into especially compact packages for carrying. Ready to be tossed into a bag or even a pocket, a drone like this will be available to shoot a selfie at just about any time. As a result, more eager photographers are now producing self portraits that would be impossible to capture any other way.